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  1. Metal nail polish floor display stand

    Cosmetic display exhibition tools usually set off exhibits in the exhibition, foil the role of space atmosphere. The shape, color, material, texture and other aspects of the display tools must be consistent with the style of the display environment, the nature of the display and the characteristics of the exhibits. The size and characteristics of the exhibits determine the form and characteristics of the display tools.
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  2. Wooden cosmetic display cabinets

    High-end cosmetics display cabinet belongs to the noble product, which represents a kind of noble identity. If use general cosmetic display cabinet, show ark of lacquer to show it, it can change low-end, as goods on the street, accordingly, cosmetic display showcase, the exterior that shows ark of lacquer to bake not only want atmosphere, nobility even. Even if the product has a small defect, can be a unique cosmetics showcase, paint showcase cover, do not affect the light of the product.
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  3. Cosmetic display stands

    The display stand made by MDF, stainless steel, glass or acrylic, the use of some accessories and custom design logo, bright light, bright colors, make you shop nice and attractive.
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